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Goth Philosophy 101

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A website by Demian Sharpe for the expatiation of his Gothic Philosophy, and for the general enlightenment of the Public regarding his movements, his motives, and his thoughts. 


Demian Sharpe does far too much thinking.  The time that most other persons would spend in pleasant diversions, social interactions, or personal advancements, Demian generally spends pacing to and fro, smoking tobacco, his brow knotted, his eyes a-wander, absorbed in his thoughts. 
It happens that for the past few years, leading back to no certain cause, Demian's thoughts have been concerned almost completely with Gothicism: goth culture, goth music, goth appearances, goth literature, goth, goth, goth, goth, goth.  Examining everything from Poe to The Crow, from Bauhaus to Baudelaire, Demian has pondered arduously the wildly disparate elements comprising Gothicism in popular culture.  He has sought out common threads, plummed for common origins, and labored to make sense out of this barely-definable thing called "goth" - this thing which, Demian knows, is better understood in the realm of feeling and intuition than in that of immediate experience.  For Demian has always felt gothic; he has forever intuited a nearness to things which are often termed gothic.  This sense, however - so far from being a thing assumed - has directed Demian into a bewildering labyrinth of irreconcilable contradictions and impenetrable enigmas.  In consequence, he has cursed himself for becoming consumed in a world of vague whisps and amorphous non-absolutes; cursed himself for being goth; cursed himself for never being able to tell what a goth is, or to what his title is owed.  He has come to despair, and in despairing, has returned again and again to the gates - realizing that it is despair itself which defines goth - and so resuming his pursuit.
In the midst of these considerations, Demian has distracted himself with the creation of music.  This, however, has brought no relief to his fevered obsessions.  Over seven years, Demian has gone through continuous transformations - visually and stylistically - in his attempts to personify the gothic ideal.  For seven years, he has failed.  A chimera has eluded him, guiding him from one dark corner to the next, and each time, conducting him into a wall.  This chimera - this transfixing and unattainable specter - is best called "purity".  In his consultations with other goths, self-named experts, interested and disinterested outsiders, and his own exasperated psyche, Demian has never achieved - or more than half-consciously glimpsed - Gothic Purity; though it has passed once or twice by the corner of his eye.
In June of 2004, Demian rather spontaneously recorded a song called "The Youngest Fruits".  The first version was around 15 minutes long, and a second "final" version - recorded a few days after the first - doubled the length to 33 minutes.  Upon reviewing this second version a number of times, the realization slowly crept into Demian's consciousness that he had, more or less in spite of himself, created the most flawlessly gothic musical/lyrical composition thusfar known to him.  And though since that point, Demian has continued to write, record, and perform music of various sorts, he has done so with the persistent knowledge that the epic "Youngest Fruits" was not only his greatest accomplishment and foremost musical legacy, but the key that would unlock gothicism's chamber of mysteries.  Somewhere, encoded within the merciless rhythm and ungulating chords, is contained a cipher which not even the song's author is entirely capable of extracting.
A year later, Demian is still working.  He is shaping himself to match the paradigm cast subconsciously in the composition of the "Youngest Fruits."  He is laboring to be worthy of the revelation given to him, and worthy to interpret and convey those yet to be received.  He has sacrificed himself to the task of refining and redefining the spirit of goth, while sweeping away the defilements which time and indescriminate utilization by the public has heaped upon her.
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